Success Study-Hello Again

Success Study - LaDominique McFarland, Founder of Hello Again

The Metamorphosis Difference

Mompreneurs are at the heart of what we do. Projects like LaDominique McFarland of Hello Again are just as transformative for me as our agency has been for them. Hello Again is a non-profit foundation that needed a way to showcase what they do for parents who have lost their children, connect with donors and other sponsors, as well as have a space to collect donations from private individuals. Her digital package included the following:

The Challenge

Hello Again is a non-profit foundation that needed a digital space to connect with parents who have lost their children through accidents, miscarriages, stillbirths etc. When she first spoke to me she had an 800 member closed Facebook Group called Hello Again. She didn't want to miss the parents who may not have a Facebook page or miss out on people who may not fit the category but wanted to support the cause. There was a lot of support in the Facebook group but because the group is so intimate, we wanted to create a digital online presence online could preserve the sacredness of what she was doing for the community of parents and allow others to connect as well as donors and possible sponsors. 

Tools Used

  • Squarespace
  • Canva
  • iMovie
  • YouTube
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Google Drive
  • Zoom
  • Facebook


Tamell Green The Digital Midwife Social Media Expert Hello Again Ladominique McFarland

Website Consultation/Website

We did an extensive website consultation to find what were her current challenges without having a website and what she wanted her website to be able to do in order to make it easier for her and her team. Her most important thing was having a way for people to contact her through her website with ease about the different things that they offer. We accomplished that through forms. By far this has been her favorite feature of her new website. We devised a plan of action and a timeline to follow to birth her digital baby. She also wanted a digital space to grab volunteers.

Content Created and organized

  • Branded Testimonial videos
  • Conference Photo Galleries
  • Electronic Volunteer Form
  • Delivery of items organized through Google Drive 
  • Training on how to use Google Drive
  • Memorial Page for her deceased sons
  • Connected donation options to website
  • 15 page website

Social Media Training  

We had an awesome VIP Facebook Training Day so that she could learn how to be productive with:

  • Scheduling posts
  • Facebook Group
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Creating Content for her page (which included a CANVA tutorial)
  • Tools to use to manager her FB page and group 

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