You can now schedule same-day posts on your personal Facebook profile: here’s how!

Facebook Scheduling How to

Social Media managers use scheduling software for their social media pages all the time. A while back, Facebook came out with its own scheduling feature for Facebook Business Pages . In true Facebook fashion, they've rolled out yet another scheduling feature. Now Facebook users can schedule same day posts or backdate posts on their personal profile pages.

Facebook doesn't always release all of its features to everyone at the same time. Today I received this feature on my Facebook Profile page. 

Here’s how to access it:

Step 1

In the status update window as seen below, just proceed to update your status like normal.

Facebook profile scheduling

Step 2

After you post either words, picture, or a video, you will notice the new calendar icon. In the photo below, the calendar feature is located to the right of my location (Columbia).

Facebook profile scheduling

Step 3

Proceed to choose the date you would like to post it. As you choose the year, month, and day, you will be able to choose the time. 

Facebook profile scheduling
Facebook profile scheduling
Facebook profile scheduling

Step 4

Once you have chosen the date and time, you are ready to press post.

Now you're ready to schedule posts on your Facebook Profile page just as business owners do on their Facebook Business Page.

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