Secure Your Facebook Page With One Simple Step

"Facebook accounts are hacked 600,000 times daily during users’ log-in"- (Source: Daily News) 

I know we have all seen that infamous post from one of our Facebook friends, "My account has been hacked." Sometimes we don't even have to see them post that their account has been hacked because we can see that for ourselves from certain posts that are on their page. You want to make sure that you secure your account as best you can. In the new few weeks I will be sharing with you simple steps that you can take to secure your Facebook page. 

Besides choosing an awesome password, try putting an extra layer of security on your Facebook page by requiring a login code to access your account from unknown browsers. Facebook will text you a code each time that you log in from a different browser. Once you enter that code, you will have the option to save that browser so that you don't have to keep entering a code in that browser on that computer/mobile device again. If you are using Facebook in a public place, I suggest you do not save that browser.

Step 1

Go to your Facebook settings by clicking on the arrow at the top far right. When that menu drops down, click on Settings. 

Facebook security settings

Step 2

You will see the menu below. Click on the Security tab. You will see the options to the right of the menu change. This is where you will choose Login Approvals. 

Facebook Security Tamell Green

Step 3

You will need to place a checkmark in the section that asks if you would like to require a login code to access your account from unknown browsers via text message. You will then need to enter your cell number. A code will be sent to you as a test. You also have the option to get codes to use when you don't have your phone. This is a great option if you're like me and have the problem with your cell phone battery dying all the time. :-)

You are able to remove this feature at any time by clicking the word "REMOVE" beside "Use Code Generator". Check back next week for another Tech Tip Tuesday on how to secure your Facebook page. 

Facebook Security Tamell Green

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