How to Download Your Images Created in Canva


Canva is by far the best FREE online software for non-graphic designers to create amazing PR items for their businesses, ministries, nonprofits, family events, etc. You can create flyers, invitations, social media graphics, Ebooks, and so much more! But what's the use in creating them if you are unable to download them in the correct and usable format for your occasion? Here is a quick 5-step tutorial to show you how to download your images in Canva. 

Step 1

In the top right-hand, corner you will see download as a menu option. Click on the download button. 

Canva Graphic Design How to download

Step 2

Once you click on download button, there will be a drop down menu.

How to download in Canva Graphic Design

Step 3

You must decide which type of file you are going to download. Click on the drop down arrow under the File Type and you will see the following choices: jpg, png, pdf for print, pdf (Standard). In this section, you have 4 important areas. They are the file type that you are downloading, the page number that you are downloading, and the download button. The 4th option, the transparent background, is only available to people with the Canva for Work account. The transparent background feature does not work in the FREE version of Canva. 

Step 4

Step 4 is only needed if you have more than one page inside the file you are trying to download. IF YOU ONLY HAVE ONE PAGE IN YOUR FILE MOVE TO STEP 5. If you have more than one page inside the file, then you have to decide if you want to download the pages one by one or in a zip file. Once you decide which type of file you need to download, then you will need to decide which page or pages to download. If you want to download a specific page number, then you will put that page number in the blank box under All Pages. If you want to download all pages at once in whatever file type you choose, be sure that All Pages is clicked as you see in the picture below.

How to download in Canva Graphic Design

Step 5

Now you're ready to download your image or images. Click the download button. The save dialogue box will open on your computer. You will have to choose where to save your file. Congratulations! Now you know the 5 steps to downloading your beautiful images created in Canva. 

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