How to Add an Admin to Your Company's LinkedIn Profile

how to add LinkedIn to your company's linkedin profile

According to Business Insider IntelligenceTechCrunch & Fortune, LinkedIn has officially crossed the half-billion user mark in 2017. 92% of B2B marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix. (Source: Foundation). Many companies are still trying to figure out how to use LinkedIn marketing in their business. The decision that many business owners are making now is whether to have a member profile and a company profile. Some prefer to have both. If you have made the decision to have a company profile page then this tutorial will show you how to add an admin to your company's profile on LinkedIn. These steps are to be taken by a company that has already created a company profile on LinkedIn. 


Navigate to LinkedIn. Sign in using your personal profile page login information. 

how to add ad admin to your company's linkedin profile

Step 2

Now that you have logged in, you will see this menu bar across the top of your profile.

how to add an admin to your company's linkedin Profile

Step 3

Click under your profile (me) and you will get this drop-down menu. Navigate down to your company's name. In this case, my company's name is Metamorphosis PR Firm. Click your company's name from the drop-down menu to be carried to the next step. 

how to add as admin to your company's linked profile

Step 4

Under the menu bar you should see a tab for Admin Tools. There is a small arrow beside it. Click the arrow to see another drop-down menu. Click on Page Admins.

how to add an admin to your company's linkedin profile

Step 5

You have now reached the admin page. The important thing to note here is "You must be connected to a member to include them as an admin." This means on your personal profile account. If you were adding me to your company's page as an admin, then you would first have to connect with me on LinkedIn through your personal profile. Then you will be able to add me. You just type the name of the person that you are trying to add as your admin. They will receive a notification. Then you are all set. 

how to add an admin to your company's linkedin profile

Types of Admins

There are three types of Company Page administrators:

  • Designated Admin access allows employees to make edits to your Company Page, add other admins, and post company updates.

  • Direct Sponsored Content Poster access gives marketers at your company the ability to share content to the homepage feed of LinkedIn members. Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions about Direct Sponsored Content.

  • Lead Gen Forms Manager access allows assigned admins to download leads from Campaign Manager.

  • Pipeline Builder Admin access gives users the ability to create and edit Pipeline Builder landing pages that are associated with your Company Page.


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